Who were Isis and Osiris?

In Egyptian mythology, they are the Neters, the Gods, who embody two powerful archetypes. Osiris was known as the God of Transformation; he taught us how to die with dignity and be reborn in a new form. His wife Isis was the goddess of Magic and Mysteries; her love for him was so powerful that it allowed her to bring him back from death. Together they found balance between chaos and order; between destruction and rebirth; between feminine power and masculine strength. This divine relationship is both a model and an inspiration for us today.

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Our journeys work on multiple levels: as we travel across a country, we also move through history, and culture, and, most importantly, we travel a spiritual landscape.

Just as we build an itinerary to carry us from place to place, we also construct a map for our souls to follow: guideposts to help shape our journey inward.

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