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Life Changing Spiritual Travel

From a blessing ceremony in the inner courtyard of a Balinese Temple to a private initiation in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid, you will be treated to incredible and exclusive spiritual travel experiences – no less than the trip of a lifetime!

Our philosophy is simple: excite your mind, pamper your spirit, challenge your body and inflame your soul. From five star accommodations to deeply moving initiations, everything about Spirit Quest Tours is carefully designed for you to have a unique, amazing, and even life-changing spiritual travel experience.

April 10-22, 2024

Remembering Osiris

A unique new adventure into the distant past

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The Ancient Wisdom of Isis and Osiris

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“I give thanks that the Universe gave me Spirit Quest Tours.  You have opened my eyes  & my heart to a new way of being.

“An extremely spiritual experience. Like nothing else I’ve ever experienced before.”

 I loved every single thing we did. I said that I wanted this trip to help me take that new step in my life, and it helped me take three new steps.”