From England to Bali by way of the Santiago

From England to Bali by way of the Santiago
My interest in travel began as a college student several years ago - as most young people do.  I spent a year in a study abroad program in England.  While there I ran the Paris Marathon, skied the Alps in southern France and bought a bicycle and traveled most of Europe, camping and pedaling for four months at the end of my program.
This experience opened my eyes to the largeness of the world, the many customs, cuisines and cultures there are to explore.  I later became a travel director with one of the world's largest travel companies which served to deepen
my understanding of the travel industry and what experiences people are seeking when they travel.  
Some years later a desire grew deep within me to undertake a sacred journey- a solo vision quest.  This desire and several signs from the universe led me to walk the Norte route - 500 miles  of the Camino de Santiago in northern Spain.   This was an incredibly transformative journey for me; and birthed a desire to steward others on their own version of sacred journey, through the vehicles of travel, wellness, and retreats. 
It was shortly after this that I had the wonderful blessing of joining the Spirit Quest family and assist in guiding their amazing journeys around the world.  
I guided the Spirit Quest Bali trip in 2019 and can unequivocally say it was the trip of a lifetime for every traveler. It goes without saying that the beauty of Bali is like none other, everything you gaze upon inspires a stunning photograph.   The way Spirit Quest has constructed the journey, down to the last detail makes for a unforgettable journey.   The exquisite hotels, meals, shopping and excursions are top notch in every way.  Our local guides took great care to be sure every need was met and expectation exceeded.  
Bali is such a unique and rewarding destination. Balinese culture cherishes harmony, wellness, self-expression and community, and these values are constantly expressed in the most beautiful ways - from the tiniest personal offering to the grandest temple ceremony.
I hope to have the pleasure of helping you to have the one of your best ever travel experiences as you join us in Bali in 2020.
Brenda Powell