Sunday May 31, 2020 - Saturday June 13, 2020

Extension to Macchu Picchu June 13-17

Kuelap: The Sacred City of the Cloud Warriors

Kuelap: The Sacred City of the Cloud Warriors

Quick! When you think of Peru, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Let me guess….

Machu Picchu, right?

How does the Sacred Fortress of Kuelap, the holy citadel in the clouds, 1000 years older than Machu Picchu, sound instead?

These are the kinds of things I’ve been exploring, and am incredibly excited to share with you what I’ve discovered!

We’ll experience two very special areas in the North: The Moche Route, and Chachapoyas. With, of course, an extension to Machu Picchu, Cusco and the Sacred Valley.

-Greg Roach, founder

And of course we are adding many of the signature Spirit Quest flourishes you’ve come to expect – like timing the trip to coincide with the Raymi Lacta Festival in Chachapoyas.

There will be plant wisdom, nature bathing, spa, wellness, shamanic ceremonies, meditation, gorgeous lodgings, incredible meals, all the things that make a true Spirit Quest.

Discover how the ancient people of Peru managed the balance of the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

Gain access to sacred sites and hidden, remote healing areas of this beautiful land, while journeying to your own source, and inner knowing.

Sunday May 31, 2020 - Saturday June 13, 2020

Extension to Macchu Picchu June 13-17

The landscape of Peru...

... is powerful, breathtaking, and incredibly varied – from soaring mountain ranges, to gorgeous primeval forests and stunning views that edge into infinity…

We will drink deeply from this great healing spring, renewing our souls and recharging our bodies and minds.

The magnificent Gocta Falls



3 Nights at the gorgeous, Antigua Casona Miraflores

Immersive tour of Colonial Lima

World renowned Museo Larco

The remarkable Huaca Pucllana pyramids

Gorgeous “ballet folklorico” at Brisas del Titicaca


5 Nights at Casa Hacienda Achamaqui

2 Nights at Los Horcones de Tucume Hotel Chiclayo

Gocta Waterfall – 3rd highest in the world

Revash Mausoleum

The Sacred City of Keulap

Raymi Llacta Festival

El Brujo Archaeological Complex (Lady of Cao)

Shamanic ritual on the grounds of Huaca el Brujo – “the pyramid of the wizards”


3 Nights at Moche Sanctuary Lodge

Trujillo city tour

Archeology Museum

Pyramids of the Sun & Moon

Ancient city of Chanchan


Extension to Machu Picchu, Cusco, & the Sacred Valley

4 Nights JW Marriott El Convento Cusco (Inka room)

1 Night Sumaq Mapi Hotel

Cusco city tour

Sacred Valley

Hiram Bingham train to Machu Picchu

Lots of Spirit Quest surprises!

Main Trip

Dbl occupancy

$1250 Single supplement

Immerse yourself in private ceremonies with masterful healers.

Explore the next step of your spiritual evolution.

Connect with your own self-knowledge, intuition and inner health while enjoying fabulous healthy meals and resting in private bungalows, charming hotels and peaceful retreat centers.

Join us as we build a bridge between the indigenous wisdom keepers and our modern world.


Dbl occupancy

$960 Single supplement

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1 – Arrive in Lima

  • On arrival, transportation to the fabulous Antigua Casona Miraflores
  • Check-in
  • Evening off. Rest, recharge and prepare for the adventure ahead!

Day 2 – Lima- City Tour

  • After Breakfast, private walking tour of colonial downtown Lima (Cathedral, churches, town hall, presidential palace (change of the guards) and the creepy catacombs of San Francisco Convent
  • Lunch at Pescados Capitales Restaurant
  • Afternoon free
  • At night the best place to see traditional Peruvian dances
  • Return to Hotel

Day 3 – Lima- Pyramids in the City

  • After breakfast we’ll visit the world-renowned Larco Museum, the best archeology museum in Lima, and one of the best in the Western Hemisphere, with a spectacular collection of pre-Columbian and Inka artifacts and the popular erotic ceramic room!
  • Lunch at Larco Museum Restaurant
  • We´ll spend the afternoon exploring two of the many pre-Columbian pyramids right in the middle of the city. First, Huaca Huallamarca and then Huaca Pucllana more in detail
  • We´ll say goodbye to Lima with a delicious dinner at La Huaca Restaurant, located on the grounds of this amazing pyramid!

Day 4– Lima – Chachapoyas

  • After Breakfast, private transfer to Lima airport
  • Flight Lima-Jaén (1hr)
  • Private transfer Jaén airport to Casa Hacienda Achamaqui (4hr)
  • Check-in. Dinner at Gote Restaurant (Gocta Lodge)

Day 5– Chachapoyas – Gocta

  • After Breakfast we´ll head out for a long trek down the hill towards the amazing Gocta Waterfalls (771mts / 2530ft) With stunning views of the surrounding nature. At the bottom of the waterfall, we´ll have the option to take a chilling dip in the pool bellow (46F)
  • We´ll enjoy a picnic lunch surrounded by this beautiful nature
  • After lunch, we´ll trek back up to Casa Hacienda Achamaqui
  • Afternoon free to enjoy the grounds, the pool and the amazing views

Day 6– Chachapoyas – Revash & Leymebamba

  • After Breakfast, private transfer to the quaint town of San Bartolo (2hrs)
  • In San Bartolo, we´ll take a 40-min walk to the lookout to watch the Revash Mausoleums. An impressive funerary complex comprised of several house-like tombs perched high on the side of a cliff.
  • Private transfer to the town of Leymebamba (40 min) where we´ll stop for lunch (included)
  • After lunch, we´ll visit the Leymebamba Museum, with its more then 2000 archaeological artifacts and its highlight, the 219 mummies and the largest Quipu in the whole country.

Day 7– Chachapoyas – Kuelap

  • After Breakfast, head out on our private tour of the amazing Kuelap Fortress
  • Our private bus will take us to the town of Nuevo Tingo (40m from Chachapoyas) where we´ll stop to see Kuelap from afar in all its glory.
  • We´ll take the newly implemented cable cars up to the entrance of the ruins.
  • Up there, we´ll take a 30m walk to reach this archaeological site, often compare to Machu Picchu for its impressive stone work and history
  • After a couple hours exploring Kuelap with our private guide, we´ll take the cable car down to our bus and head out to have a late lunch (included)
  • After lunch, return to Casa Hacienda Achamaqui. Evening at Leisure.

Day 8– Chachapoyas – Raymi Llacta

  • After breakfast, we´ll take a drive through the spectacular Sonche and Huancaurco canyons.
  • Then visit one of the local pottery shops, where we can experience the techniques used for centuries in making this beautiful local handcraft. Maybe we’ll even get to make our own pots!

Then to Chachapoyas, for one of the most authentic festivals in the region, the Raymillacta de los Chachapoyas!

A parade and gathering where the locals from all the surrounding communities meet in the city to show what they are best at.

There will be music, dance, parades, exhibits, food and lots of fun!

Day 9– Chachapoyas-Chiclayo

  • After breakfast, we take our private bus to travel down from the mountains towards to coastal desert to meet the most powerful pre-Columbian people in the country, The Moche Culture (Day Trip)
  • We´ll drive through small towns and villages along the way and see how nature change from lush mountains to arid deserts. Box-lunch included
  • Arriving in Chiclayo, we will go to our hotel Los Horcones de Túcume

Day 10– Chiclayo Túcume & Lord of Sipán

  • After breakfast, we´ll start our full-day exploring first the Valley of the Pyramids in Túcume. An impressive complex of 25 pyramids
  • After this, we´ll head down to the town of Sipán to visit Huaca Rajada, place where the amazing discovery of the Lord of Sipán took place. Because of the lavish ornaments and jewels of this burial ground it is consider the most important discovery of the century.
  • After lunch (included) we’ll go to the town of Lambayeque to visit Tumbas Reales Museum, with a massive collection of artefacts and remains from the Moche Culture and its main attraction, the Lord of Sipán in all its glory

Day 11- Chiclayo Zaña – Trujillo Cao

  • After breakfast, private transfer to the city of Trujillo
  • Leaving Chiclayo, we´ll stop in the town of Zaña, once one of the richest towns in the region (16th century) because of the sugar fields around it, until a massive flood of the Zaña river destroyed it, leaving behind the eerie ruins of its glorious colonial past.
  • We continue south. One hour before arriving in Trujillo, we´ll take a detour to explore the impressive El Brujo Archaeological Complex. Site where the Lady of Cao was discovered in the 90´s. The first ever pre-Columbian female leader discovered in the Americas. Her pyramid stands on the coast, right next to the ocean with amazing views. The colourful carvings on the walls and the tattoos on the Lady’s arms, are proof of her power and status as a leader and priestess
  • Here, we´ll meet a local Shaman to experience a traditional Moche ritual and take a flowering bath inside one of the Moche wells from centuries ago
  • After this spiritual experience, we´ll head to Trujillo
  • Check-in at Moche Sanctuary Lodge
  • Evening at Leisure

Day 12– Trujillo City Tour & Archaeology Museum

  • After breakfast we begin our city tour of downtown Trujillo, with its colonial homes, beautiful squares and stunning churches.
  • After lunch (included), we visit the local Archaeology Museum, located in a beautiful colonial home, famous for its courtyards decorated with murals and frescoes.
  • Return to hotel. Evening at leisure.

Day 13– Trujillo Chan-Chan, Huacas del Sol & la Luna

  • After breakfast. We´ll take our private bus to visit the most iconic place in Trujillo, Chan-Chan one of the largest (12 sq-ml) and best-preserved sites in the region
  • We´ll explore the Rainbow Temple from the Chimu culture, the Tschudi Palace, the many geometrical haute-relieve carvings, the cemeteries, plazas and the Council Chamber, very impressive!
  • After this amazing visit, we´ll take a drive to the famous Huanchaco beach to watch the local fishermen still using ancient Totora reed boats.
  • After lunch (included), we go to the Moche countryside to explore the Huacas del Sol y la Luna (Pyramids of the Sun and the Moon) built with more than 100 million adobe bricks at a Hight of over 148 ft. This ancient Moche city was probably buried by an aggressive El Niño event. Many streets and houses are still been discovered to shine more light over this powerful culture! We´ll visit the local museum as well
  • This evening we have a farewell dinner at Moche Sanctuary Lodge to say goodbye to our travelers who go home the next day.

EXTENSION – Cusco, Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu

Day 14– Trujillo-Cusco

Today we transfer from Northern Peru to Cusco and the Sacred Valley and check in to the spectacular El Convento Cusco

Day 15 – Cusco City Tour

Day 16 – Cusco Sacred Valley

  • After Breakfast, we´ll spend the whole day exploring the Sacred Valley of the Inkas visiting first the town of Pisac where we´ll find an Inka Market and Handcrafts fair.
  • The tour continues to the town of Urubamba, the main town of the Valley, where we´ll have a buffet lunch at Sonesta Yucay hotel (included)
  • After lunch, we´ll visit the Ollantaytambo fortress, magnificent Inka ruins, with very rich history and tradition.
  • Return to Cusco. Dinner at Calle del Medio restaurant.

Day 17– Cusco Machu Picchu

We’ll pack light for our overnight trip to Machu Picchu.

  • After breakfast, transfer to Poroy train station, where the exclusive Hiram Bingham experience begins.
  • This all-inclusive luxury train will take us in style though the Andean countryside and to visit one of the most amazing sites in Perú, Machu Picchu!
  • Welcome drinks, delicious foods, music and dance show, private guided tour of this Inka jewel, what else!
  • Late afternoon, we´ll take the train back to Poroy station
  • Private transfer back to Cusco

Day 18 – Cusco-Lima- Home

  • After breakfast, private transfer to Cusco airport
  • Flight Cusco-Lima
  • End of Cusco-extension

Peru will never forget you, and you will never forget Peru.