Traveling to Egypt 2014
December 21, 2014 – January 3, 2015

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Stand between the Paws of the Sphinx and set your intentions for the new year! Experience a private visit inside the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid on New Year’s day! Enjoy a special and unique New Year’s Eve overlooking the pyramids in an authentic Egyptian home, full of luxury and splendor.

If you’ve been to Egypt before, come back with us now to see it with new eyes, refreshing yourself in the magic… Know that in a past life, you probably have already visited Egypt and immersed yourself in these sacred energies.  Now return to Egypt… experience sacred tours and adventure on the Nile as we travel in Egypt the way it was meant to be seen… timeless, ageless, fabulous.

Join your hosts, Spirit Quest Tours’ co-founders, Greg Roach and Halle Eavelyn, as Spirit Quest Tours takes you on a unique, life-changing trip with experiences that include luxury tour accommodations, private access to the Great Pyramid, exclusive extras, and an eight-night luxury Nile cruise aboard our beloved five-star private dahabeya: The Afandina! Luxury trips beyond your imagination…

Cairo, Aswan, Philae, Kom Ombo, Luxor, Karnak, Denderah, Abydos, Edfu, Sakkara, Giza… including PRIVATE VISITS inside the Great Pyramid and to the Sphinx!

Awaken your inner self with unique spiritual ceremonies at each temple, as we invoke the energy of the ancients and activate the very stones with which these temples were built. Led by Greg Roach, the White Lodge or White Brotherhood will flow through and illuminate your heart and uplift your journey. Enjoy luxury like the Pharaohs, while exploring a profound and ancient spiritual tradition.

If your spiritual places to visit list includes a private visit inside the Great Pyramid, standing between the paws of the Sphinx, and meditating inside the tombs in the Valley of the Kings, this is one spiritual tour you must take!

Enjoy your holidays in Egypt! Ride a camel out into the desert and drink tea overlooking the Pyramids as the sun sets…

Travel to Egypt in 2014 in the safety and luxurious comfort of our special group. Join us!