Depositphotos_54495431_originalVISIT TO TIRTA EMPUL – Take in the holy waters at one of the most sacred spots on the island of Bali… Tirta Empul is a delightful and deep way to experience the spirituality of the locals, as you immerse yourself in the rituals of the Balinese people.  After purifying yourself, wearing your temple dress, step fully clothed into the waters of Tirta Empul.
Ducking your head under each of the 13 holy springs, feel the significance of the waters as they cleanse your past and you emerge ready to create the future.  You will be surrounded by locals who will support and appreciate you as you make this powerful shift.  This is a trip very few tourists take, and is a special gift from our Balinese guides.


FAREWELL DINNER: We dine overlooking the Ayung River  at Bridges Restaurant, which fuses French and Balinese cuisine into a delicious combination. Tonight we say farewell to Bali and bring home all our fabulous memories… unless you are joining us at the beach for our extension!