EARLY MORNING MEDITATION – We continue our journey inward toward healing, wholeness and joy.

Rice TrekTHE RURAL CHARM OF BALI  – Today we trek through the inspiring and peaceful Balinese countryside, strolling though rice terraces on our way to Tumbakasa village, where we’ll visit a traditional Balinese house compound where the buildings are made from plaited-bamboo! We continue on to the ancient site of Gunung Kawi Temple. 

This is native Bali…

Lunch will be served in a stunning organic restaurant in tegalalang area, Bagus Jati!


First, the AYU MAS PAINTING STUDIO, which features room after room of gorgeous paintings in the Balinese, local, and classic styles.Painting at Ayu Mas

The Ayu Mas is a huge, privately owned, art gallery filled with hundreds of original paintings by dozens of local artists. There’s often a small group of artists working out front. The owner is a charming fellow who’s very knowledgeable in the various local “schools” of painting (i.e. Ubud style, traditional style, etc.) and the staff is friendly and efficient.

BALI BUDAYA WOOD CARVING STUDIO is a magnificent example of Balinese craftsmanship at its best, this enormous studio features works as small as the palm of your hand… up to 10 feet tall! This studio offers stunning, original carvings in a variety of sizes and price-ranges. We have negotiated a very substantial discount for the group.